Amina Udechuku

Head of Vaccines, UK , Takeda UK

Dr Amina Udechuku is currently the Commercial Head of Vaccines, UK and started with Takeda UK as the ‘Head of Appraisals & Centre of Excellence’ in the Market Access and Pricing team at the beginning of 2020. Amina has historically co-led the UK Gender Parity Network Employee Resource Group and represented the UK on the regional Europe & Canada Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) council. In 2020, Amina established and has since co-led the UK & Ireland DE&I Council.

Amina holds a BSc in Psychology, and a PhD in Epidemiology with her thesis on ‘Demographic and modifiable risk factors in age related cognitive impairment’, both from Loughborough University.

The Mermaid, London

16 November 2023