Christophe Le Ret

Global Marketing Director, Umicore

Christophe Le Ret started to work 25 years ago in the chemical industry, where he occupied various sales, marketing and business development positions. As a Global Marketing Director, he contributed to establish Umicore as a leading supplier of advanced catalysts and technology in the life science industry and he now leads the team responsible for strengthening Umicore’s image and leadership position in the industries it serves.
His expertise and interest span from marketing and communication, to bringing new technologies to market, through customer centric innovation. He is convinced that a caring society, where human beings and environment are at the core of its values, is possible and will benefit to the whole mankind while saving the planet from a major ecological disaster. This triggered him to cofound Khemia, a think and act tank proposing solutions to move to a caring society.

The Mermaid, London

16 November 2023