Debora Lucarelli

Chief Executive Officer, Enhanc3D Genomics

Debora is Enhanc3D Genomics CEO and has a keen interest in disruptive technologies that have potential to benefit human healthcare. She brings a wealth of experience in technology development, together with a track record of successfully delivering large-scale projects in academia and industry. In previous roles Debora led a cancer signature discovery (Director at Cambridge Epigenetix), directed and managed laboratory research on large population studies (Head of laboratory, MRC Epidemiology, University of Cambridge) and worked on the development of the Oxford Nanopore’s technology. At Enhanc3D Genomics, Debora is driving the development of the technical platforms, establishing partnerships across the pharma and biotech industry, and advocating the advent of a 3D genomics era.

Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge

LONDON 20 June 2023

Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge

16 May 2023