Emma Kinloch

Founder, Salivary Gland Cancer UK (SGC UK)

Emma Kinloch is the founder of Salivary Gland Cancer UK (SGC UK), a unique collaboration between a patient advocate and medical oncologist. SGC UK is focussed on building a network of those affected by, treating and researching rare salivary gland cancers in the UK and beyond, to push forwards research and provide reliable information. Emma is the Chair of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Consumer Forum having joined their Head and Neck Group in 2014, and sits on their Strategy Advisory Group.

Emma holds a number of other positions in the UK on Funding Boards, Strategy Groups and Trial Management Groups with various institutions. At a European level she acts as a Patient Advisory Group member to the EURACAN rare head and neck cancer domain, and internationally is a member of the International Rare Cancer Initiative (IRCI). In all these roles she is focussed on collaboration, co-production and ensuring the patient/public voice is fully integrated into research from strategy and priority setting, through delivery, to output, evaluation and dissemination.

Emma has over two decades of experience in Finance. Specifically, Asset Management, and has worked in both the UK and Asia, covering all products. Most recently she has been focussed on the Governance of UK and European regulated entities.

Emma studied Experimental Psychology at Corpus Christi Oxford, holds an MSc in Criminology and Masters in Organisational Psychology. She is currently writing up her Professional Doctorate in Occupational Health, Psychology and Management, focussed on head and neck cancer and work.