Jason Cameron

Chief Operating Officer, Orphan Drug Consulting

Join Jason Cameron at Pharma Integrates 2022 as he presents “The Importance of an Outsourced Manufacturing Strategy and its Alignment with Corporate Goals”. An increasing reliance on virtual/outsourced operations has led to companies re-examining their outsourcing strategy and the importance of choosing the right partners to ensure operational success. With the global CDMO market set to continue increasing in size, a key question asked by many executives is no longer whether they should outsource activities, but rather how. CMC critical path activities increasingly rely on the cooperation of multiple stakeholders and rare disease companies often require agile/flexible approaches to development and manufacturing activities to ensure they can keep costs in line while also meeting demand for product supply and the development lifecycle.

Having held previous supply chain and technical operations leadership roles in various regions/companies dealing exclusively with rare diseases, Jason’s direct experience negotiating and managing these relationships has given him an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the importance of outsourcing strategies and how they can be best leveraged to ensure mutual benefit for both partners. Through his time at Genzyme, Synageva and Amicus Therapeutics, Jason has gained invaluable insight into the importance of choosing the right-fit/right-size CDMO and building your business alongside each other to ensure joint success. He will discuss the importance of creating and maintaining relationships with CDMOs and provide guidance on breaking down the size barrier between your organization and CDMO to ensure your critical activities progress to plan.