Mark Humphries

Design and Engineering Expert, PA Consulting

Mark Humphries is the Head of PA’s Design and Engineering Stream, based in its Global Innovation and Technology Centre in Cambridge, UK. He has been involved in the design and development of new products and manufacturing process technologies for over 35 years, working from early scientific concept development through design, build and transfer into manufacturing. Mark has a degree in chemistry, a PhD in laser photochemistry and worked in Research prior to joining PA. His specific interests are in:

  • De-risking scientific principles, demonstrating feasibility and building manufacturing processes to scale
  • Sensing, measurement, and inspection; developing custom solutions and integrating existing technologies into at / online measurement technologies for product QC and process control
  • Combining new sources of input data with advanced data analytics to drive process understanding and control
  • Novel process and equipment design and development – scaling up and scaling down

Mark routinely works in multidisciplinary teams to solve problems and advance, transfer and deploy new technical capabilities, covering science, engineering, digital, data analytics, operations, and supply chain.

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LONDON 20 June 2023