Mihai Matei-Rascu

Senior Application Engineer, Applied Materials

With key responsibilities for efficient delivery of projects in the Pharmaceutical and Food industries, Mihai has extensive experience in advanced process control and monitoring applications delivered in both R&D and manufacturing spaces. He applies practical knowledge of system integration, programming, control and optimization and ensures compliance of the PerceptiveAPC software suite within regulatory frameworks in the Pharmaceutical industry.

As a lead engineer, Mihai project manages a range of projects delivered in compliance with international standards (ISO9001) and regulatory frameworks, often beginning with audits or studies and continuing to system integration, process modelling, simulation, control and commissioning.

Specific areas of interest are the application of Model Predictive Control, PAT calibration and optimization to real-time processes. Pharmacautical projects include:

Advanced process control solutions developed for small molecule applications. PAT integration in control strategies and real-time release of product for validated processes in accordance with industry standards and regulations (GAMP and 21 CFR Part 11). Expertise in batch crystallisation, oral solid dose direct-compression, wet-granulation and blending.

21 September 2023, GLASGOW