Miles Newman

Business Development Director, Atos

Over the last 35 years I have helped my clients leverage technology to advance their business aims and maintain their competitive advantage. I have worked in a number of markets including central government, media and entertainment, financial markets and the London Insurance market. I have spent the last seven years working with life science clients, by far the most interesting and rewarding discipline to be working with.

Technology has always fascinated me right from the time I had an Apple IIe to write code on while I was doing my degree. Since then the best moments have been when I’ve been involved in developing innovative solutions which really improve the way things work for the user.

I’ve managed the development of complex proposals for national and multi national rollouts. I’ve also led agile “garage” user centric style development engagements to deliver MVP proving business value so it can be confidently scaled for the business. These engagements are fascinating, often delivering a solution which is radically different to our original expectations but much more appropriate for the user! This is particularly true where we look to leverage the promise that AI offers for clients who may not see technology as one of their core skills.

I enjoy working with clients right through the technology cycle including supporting the implementation. Over the years I’ve supported complex multi national companies ensuring maximum value is delivered from the solutions I’ve implemented.

There is no doubt the pandemic has forced the pace of change providing answers to the virus resulting in the rate of innovation to exponentially accelerating. The strides taken with technology adoption in the last 12 months are the catalyst for the true exploitation of technology in life sciences and health care. It’s key that we capitalise on this momentum and I’m keen to play my part in this exciting journey.

Specialities include: AI, Analytics, Automation, Blockchain, Chat bots, Cyber Security, Data Centres, Industry 4.0, Hybrid Multi Cloud, Quantum, User centric design approaches, SAP infrastructure.