Mina Frost

Founder & Director, Decode X

Mina is a global legal expert with 20 years’ experience advising healthcare organisations on legal issues and calculated risk-taking including: agile risk management, good governance and ethical design thinking. Mina has dedicated her career to partnering with healthcare organisations to move forward, create value and ultimately, help patients. She is an accomplished problem solver who helps companies to move fast while avoiding the mistakes that hold others back. Mina is a US qualified lawyer, based in London, working globally with healthcare companies on risk and compliance. Working with start-ups through to large corporations, Mina has an innovative and practical approach, giving clients a broad understanding of their risk portfolio to catalyse decision making. Mina’s focus is to minimise downside risk and optimise opportunities, all while keeping her clients safe from the myriad of legal and reputational risk that surrounds the health industry. She was formerly the Global Privacy Officer, R&D Compliance Officer, Head of Global Risk and Head of Digital Risk at GSK.

Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge

LONDON 20 June 2023