Nick Pappas

Business Development Manager, The Hartree Centre | STFC | UKRI

Nick is a Business Development Manager for the Hartree Centre of the UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council. Within his role, he has a sector focus in the Life Sciences, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals industries. He has a scientific background in Chemistry, Biotechnology & Molecular Biology and brings on-board more than 10 years of industry knowledge and experience having worked in multiple roles within Life Sciences; from drug discovery and drug manufacturing, to scientific instrumentation, consultancy and commercialisation of disruptive technologies.

The Hartree Centre is an innovation research facility that focuses on advancing the digital transformation of the UK industry through High Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics, AI and Emerging Technologies like Quantum Computing. Backed by government funding and significant strategic partnerships​​, the Hartree Centre is not only home to some of the most advanced computing platforms in the UK, but also employs computational and data scientists with diverse backgrounds and the right skillsets to support industry-led collaborative projects. From early stage SMEs to international corporations, our experts work with industry and the research community to address real-life challenges and accelerate the adoption of digital technologies that deliver transformative gains in quality, performance, productivity and time-to-market.

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LONDON 20 June 2023