Phil Packer

Innovation Lead AMR and Vaccines, , Innovate UK

I lead on AMR and Vaccines at Innovate UK, developing & delivering funding calls, supporting workshops and strategy. This includes overseeing extant and new projects funded through IUK funding mechanisms such as the Biomedical Catalyst and SMART call. In addition, I am responsible for the delivery of the following projects focused relating to AMR and Vaccines:
• China-UK AMR call. Funded by DHSC (GAMRIF-ODA)
• AMR in Humans. Funded by DHSC (SBRI)
• Various Vaccine calls: Funded by DHSC (SBRI)

I work widely across government and am actively involved in initiatives such as the UK AMR Diagnostics Programme Board and AMR Funders Forum.
Prior to this, I held various research and research management positions within the public sector. Most recently, I managed a research programme for Dstl that included the development of medical countermeasures against biological and chemical agents, diagnostics, trauma care, regenerative medicine and hearing loss. My first job at Dstl was the management of the UK plague vaccine programme. Previous to this I worked at CAMR where I completed a Ph.D and post-doctoral research in cancer and biofilms before moving into ECACC as Quality Manager

Area of Interest:

  • One Health approach to addressing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) . This includes:
    • Therapeutic & prophylactic solutions
    • New diagnostics
    • Solutions in the Agri-food sector
    • Solutions in Infection, Prevention & Control
  • New vaccines:
    • Diseases with epidemic potential (e.g. Ebola)

New solutions to extant problems, e.g. Flu

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LONDON 20 June 2023