Raj Mehta

Entrepreneur in Residence , Apple Tree Partners

Raj is a serial entrepreneur with passion for identifying, nurturing, fundraising and launching multiple immunology and oncology focused spin-out companies as well being a Business Development professional with over 20 years track record of building lasting partnerships

Raj currently serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at Apple Tree Partners (ATP) and Co-Founder/CEO of Adendra Therapeutics. He joined ATP from GammaDelta Therapeutics – a company he co-founded, served as interim CEO, board member and latterly as Director of Business Development. At GammaDelta, Raj led the efforts to raise >$100M, establish innovative partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, acquisition of Lymphact and spinning out of Adaptate Biotherapeutics. Takeda subsequently acquired both GammaDelta and Adaptate. Raj is also co-founder and serves on the board of Revitope Oncology.

Prior to GammaDelta Therapeutics, Raj spent nearly 18 years at Cancer Research Technology (CRT) where he served in a variety of leadership roles. Whilst at CRT, Raj established and served as interim CEO/board member of BliNK Therapeutics, helped establish Fastbase Solutions and led on negotiation and execution of >25 licensing and collaborative partnerships. Raj joined CRT from MRC Collaborative Centre where he led the Merck KGaA Group.

Raj grew up in Tanzania, earned his bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences from University of Cambridge and undertook his doctoral research at National Institute for Medical Research (now part of Francis Crick Institute) in London.