The Medicine Maker is preparing to celebrate the annual Innovation Awards. The Awards will showcase the top drug development and manufacturing technologies released over the course of 2022; this includes but is not limited to new manufacturing systems, software, formulation technologies, processing machines, expression systems, cell culture optimization approaches, reagent kits, chromatography systems, digital tools – any commercial innovation that is expected to shape the future of drug development and manufacturing.

Afterall, new therapeutics cannot be developed without continued innovation in development and manufacturing technologies. The Medicine Maker Innovation Awards put the spotlight on vendors that tirelessly innovate to ensure that drug developers have what they need to create ground-breaking new medicines.

Nominations close on October 21, 2022. To nominate, all you need to do is fill out a short form, which you can find here

The winning prize? The company behind the innovation will have the opportunity to tell the story behind their technology in a feature article published by The Medicine Maker.

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