PetMedix Ltd

Tom is a native Wisconsinite who trained at the University in Madison (BSc in Math and Biochem, PhD in Oncology) but then moved to the UK 30 years ago as a postdoc at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. This was an exciting time in Cambridge with many labs just starting to apply large scale genetic and molecular screens to characterize biological processes from embryology to normal adult physiology and disease. The Human Genome Project was a natural extension of this endeavour and his involvement/interest was, and still is, focused on deploying scalable disruptive genome technology to progress the study, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Tom has contributed by leading large UK government R&D infrastructure programs in Cambridge and Oxford enabling large scale genomic analysis in both human and model organisms. Part of this journey has been in “translation” of basic research into commercial companies, where he has been involved in multiple genetics/biotech start-ups as an executive and an angel investor.