The University of Hertfordshire brings the transformational impact of higher education to all our students, staff and businesses who consistently reach their full potential. Through TEF Gold rated expert teaching, 300 flexible degree programmes, cutting-edge research projects and powerful business partnerships, we positively impact local, national and international communities.

Experts in Bio and Life Sciences

At the University of Hertfordshire, a network of over 500 experts undertake pioneering research projects across a wide variety of sectors, delivering measurable results for businesses. Our team of health, toxicology and life science specialists collaborate with businesses to tackle strategic issues, discover innovative technologies and, ultimately, drive sustainable growth in areas such as:

• Bioengineering, including microfluidics and bio-detection;
• Molecular characterisation and analysis;
• Drug delivery especially across the skin, nails, mucosal membrane and airways as well as cell models, biotechnology and computer modelling;
• Animal modelling for Parkinson’s disease and diabetes research;
• Toxicological research for forensic studies, including the specialist area of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) exposure and microsampling.

Our team of experts are here to help you

To discover how the University of Hertfordshire could help your business, contact our team of experts who can guide you through the range of partnership and funding opportunities that are available, to assist with solving your business issue or research challenge.


20 May 2021