Director of Business Development Life Sciences & Program Owner of Rare Disease Initiative, Ada Health

Vanessa leads Ada Health’s Rare Disease Initiative, targeted at optimising Ada, an AI-powered health assessment platform for people with rare disease.

Vanessa also leads all Life Sciences partnerships at Ada Health, working with a growing number of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies that use Ada’s technology to enable access to a high medical quality health assessment and concurrent adequate care navigation.

Prior to joining Ada Health, Vanessa gathered more than 15 years of experience working for a Global Pharmaceutical company, in different countries as well as in Global and Regional leadership roles across Commercial Operations. Her work experience covers therapeutic areas as diverse as Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Ophthalmology, Women’s Health, and Rare Disease, as well as management of pharmaceutical company/start-up collaborations.

Find out more about Vanessa’s work in rare diseases here.


17 November 2020