Event Host

Hello, I’m delighted to meet you!

I’m Clare, a professional event host who prides myself on emceeing events for global clients with energy and aplomb, and who is also an experienced presentation and media trainer, following a 20+ year career as a BBC journalist.

My Super Power is that I’m a master communicator, which means I’m pretty darn good at reading a room, and keeping audiences engaged, the energy high, and creating the wow factor.

With a succinct, no-nonsense and sassy style, I get my buzz working as part of the team that ensures an event that both the client and audience loves, and I revel in helping other people become great presenters too!

As well as the media, I’ve worked in private business, undertaking Fortune 500 executive interviews, hosting numerous corporate events and roundtable discussions dealing with a variety of subjects and industries. I now run my own business emceeing events and training people in media and presentation skills.

I’ve hosted events for many many different organisations including Mitel, KPMG, PwC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, and Accenture, on subjects as diverse as global supply chains, higher education, menopause in the workplace, CX, FinTech, CRM, HR, and Security,. My media and presentation training clients include AstraZeneca, Perkin Elmer, Babcock, Workplace for Facebook, Fujitsu, Skanska, The Local Government Association and The Donkey Sanctuary.


16 March 2022