PharmaTech Integrates 2024

In partnership with CPI’s Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre

Inspired by the success of the inaugural in-person PharmaTech Integrates in September 2022, Life Science Integrates is delighted to announce that the fourth PharmaTech Integrates conference will take place again on 19th September 2024 at CPI’s facility in Glasgow, The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC), with further sessions held at the neighbouring National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS).

This one-day gathering of experts in disruptive manufacturing technologies, provides a platform to discuss the strategic challenges in identifying and adopting the most effective methods and techniques for producing pharmaceutical active ingredients, advanced formulations and finished dose forms.

Engaging the widest possible network from pharma innovators, regulators, supply chain partners, equipment & technology providers, academia, and industry associations, PharmaTech Integrates 2024 will form a connected industry ecosystem for collaboration and innovation that will transform the production of pharmaceuticals.

This year’s event will centre around the themes of: ‘The next stage of digital‘ (Track one) and ‘Modalities, manufacturing methods and Dose Forms‘ (Track two).

Within these tracks you can expect exciting panel sessions exploring these themes in broader detail.

Track one topics:

  • Value of the cloud, how do you maximise it?
  • AI vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning vs. Neural Networks: What’s the difference?
  • Digital CMC – optimal design, is it possible?
  • How do you harness no code technologies (ML) plug and play is it that easy?
  • Intensified automation enabling faster agile supply chain

Track two topics:

  • Can biologics manufacturing really be smart?
  • What does the future hold for printed [tablets/films] dosage forms?
  • Small molecule micro-factories: Intensified CMC, clinical supplies and supply chains
  • Process intensification – how far can this go?

Full agenda schedule to be released soon!

Over 225+ attendees in person on the day

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senior industry executives

Core sectors covered

The next stage of digital

Modalities, manufacturing methods and Dose Forms

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