Bowel Cancer UK & RCS England Professor of Surgery, University of Leeds

David is Bowel Cancer UK & RCS Engl. Professor of Surgery at the University of Leeds. His clinical interests include robotic and minimally invasive surgery for colorectal cancer.

His research portfolio focuses on the development and clinical translation of new surgical technologies, for which he was awarded an NIHR Research Professorship in 2012. He is Chief Investigator for several NIHR portfolio clinical trials, including MRC/EME/NIHR ROLARR (robotic versus laparoscopic surgery for rectal cancer), HTA/NIHR FIAT (fistula plug versus surgeon’s preference for fistula-in-ano), HTA/NIHR SaFaRI (sacral nerve stimulation versus Fenix magnetic anal sphincter for adult faecal incontinence), and MRC/EME/NIHR IntAct (Fluorescence perfusion angiography to prevent anastomotic leak in rectal cancer surgery).

He is an NIHR Senior Investigator and serves on several NIHR funding panels. He is Clinical Director of the Leeds NIHR MIC in Surgical Technologies, a national network of MedTech partners working to develop novel solutions to unmet surgical need. He is Clinical Director for the RCS Eng. Leeds Surgical Trials Centre and Clinical Director for the Leeds NIHR Global Health Research Group, which affords the opportunity to apply his expertise in the clinical translation of surgical technologies to low resource countries.