Security by Design

With the ongoing digitalisation of medical devices and the move towards online patient data to unlock the potential for personalised treatments, incorporating cybersecurity elements in the design is becoming a necessity.

In March 2019, the U.S. FDA issued a safety communication about cybersecurity vulnerabilities identified in wireless telemetry technology used for communication in a Medtronic implantable cardiac device. Medtronic subsequently had to develop an update to mitigate these vulnerabilities.

This session aims to provide insight into the aspects of cybersecurity that need to be considered by developers of connected medical devices and deliver some guidance into best practices.


ALFREDO RAMOS PLASENCIA | Managing Director, Engagement and Ventures | CPI


URI BAR-EL | Senior Vice President, Global Head of Cyber Security Practice | Qualitest
MARIAM ELGABRY | Co-founder | Enteromics
MARY BISPHAM | DPhil Student, Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security | University of Oxford