Senior Global Program Head, Global Drug Development, Respiratory, Novartis

Dominic Brittain, Ph.D., has been the head of development of Novartis’ inhaled respiratory portfolio since 2017. His teams’ most notable recent achievements have included the approvals and launches earlier this year of two new, once-daily, inhaled asthma medicines, including the first-in-class LABA/LAMA/ICS combination treatment for asthma patients, as well as the first digital companion (sensor and app) that can be prescribed alongside a treatment for uncontrolled asthma in the EU. These achievements were built on the fantastic contributions of hundreds of outstanding team members who executed these complex programs, not least the highly demanding technical requirements, multiple parallel Translational Medicine studies, and a large Phase III clinical development program in over 7,500 patients.
Dominic’s fascination with pharma R&D was kindled from the moment he first joined the industry as an early phase Drug Researcher with Schering AG, and then Bayer AG, in Berlin, before spending time further broadening his pharma industry expertise as a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company.
In 2011, Dominic joined Novartis at their headquarters in Switzerland, working first in the Big Pharma’s Strategy Team and then following his passion for leading large, cross-functional teams through the complexity of Drug Development. This pursuit has seen him cover a range of disease areas and lifecycle stages, with a constant focus on building the culture and strategies needed to harness the superb skills of scientists and experts from around the world to improve human health.
Dominic’s academic tenure includes a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Cambridge, an MChem undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford, as well as time spent as a post-doctoral researcher at Harvard University and Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge.


17 November 2020