Exactmer, incorporated in 2018, is a spin-out company from Imperial College London. Our mission is to redefine what is possible in exact polymer synthesis and set a new industry standard for the manufacturing of polymers bound for use in new medicines.

There is increasing interest in using biopolymers such as oligonucleotides to develop new therapies for a wide range of currently untreatable diseases. These polymers are mostly prepared by solid-state synthesis, resulting in very poor scaling capabilities, low final purity and high prices. This means that the promising development of new therapies is currently limited by the high cost of manufacture – we believe Exactmer can help to solve this problem.

Exactmer specialises in the synthesis of biopolymers (oligonucleotides, peptides) and synthetic polymers (eg PEGs) using our patented Nanostar Sieving Technology, which allows the synthesis of the polymers in liquid phase. We produce polymers of unprecedented precision and length by using this completely new approach, opening the way to supremely accurate polymers for use as pharmaceuticals, and drastically reducing drug manufacturing costs.