Fusion Antibodies is a contract research organisation, which designs, and optimizes therapeutic antibodies for the healthcare market. We help clients solve complex, challenging problems throughout their early discovery antibody programs. Our expertise is defined by our experience. Unique process frameworks, and technology platforms, enable our clients to develop therapeutics within the most challenging modalities and diseases. Guiding clients through early-stage antibody discovery, in the most efficient and effective way, we enable biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations towards their end-goal – the provision of treatments that improve the lives of patients worldwide.

As an independent team, we offer flexibility and agility that antibody discovery and development programs require. Our approach to projects considers long-term impacts on safety, efficacy, and manufacturability at every stage, de-risking antibody programs and maximizing success. As an early discovery partner, our scientists increase the pace to the clinic by guiding clients to develop the best antibodies possible.