HealthTech Integrates 2023 Track 3


The future is bright and full of potential, if only we had a crystal ball to see which way to go

Welcome and opening remarks

NEIL MESHER | Senior Vice President |  Philips, Western Europe

Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat 1

Steven Roberts | Chief Scientific Advisor | Barclays UK

Interviewed by

Jane Kennedy | Chief Business Officer | Discovery Park

Fireside Chat 2

Cristina Duran | Chief Digital Health Officer, R&D | AstraZeneca

Interviewed by

Paul Wicks | Independent Consultant | Wicks Digital Health

Starting with the end in mind

Start with the end in mind’ – funding is hard won, how do you set up the story to gain funding and use it wisely. What are some of the pitfalls?


Michael Lewis | Scientific Director for Innovation | NIHR


Riam Kanso | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Conception X

Stephen Hodsdon | Partner | J A Kemp

Will Brooks | Investment Director | Downing

John Terry | Managing Director | Neuronostics

Samantha Westgate | Chief Executive Officer | Perfectus Biomed Group

Sam Stephens | Director | TBAT Innovation Ltd

Is there an app for that?

Apps are everywhere -or are they? Are apps only going to be an option for the developed world? How can we democratise access and bring the revolution to low and middle income countries? 


Monica Fletcher OBE | Honorary Research Fellow, Usher Institute | University of Edinburgh


Tim Denison | Professor of Engineering Science, Professor of Clinical Neurosciences | University of Oxford

Lloyd Humphreys | Managing Director | Cogniss

Jean Marc Feghali | Head of Research and Development | WeWALK

Lucy Jones | Vice President Clinical | Oviva

Peter Bannister | Managing Director | Romilly Life Sciences Ltd

​Augmented reality or just a dream?

Assistive technologies – robotics, memory aides: are we in the realms of science fiction/Star Trek now?


Phil Carvil | Head of Clusters (NW) | UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council


Julia Glenn | Design Innovation Lead, Healthy Ageing Challenge Fund | Innovate UK

Caroline Cake | CEO and Co-Founder | Neu Health

Mark Duman | Chief Patient Officer, MD Healthcare | Chief Strategy Officer, Quiddity Health

Mike Lawton | Co-Founder & Director | Oxford Dynamics

It takes a village

Multidisciplinary teams are key to success – how to make connections across the different types of science – life sciences and engineering etc – to get the right skills combination


Cynthia Bullock | Deputy Director – Healthy Ageing Challenge | Innovate UK


Michael Young | Co-founder | Lindus Health

Robbie Huddleston | Chief Medical Officer | Surgery Hero

Nicola Broughton | Senior Scientist – Device Technology | CPI

Kathryn Simpson | Business Consultant | Kathryn Simpson Consulting Limited