Inaphaea BioLabs

Inaphaea BioLabs, Nottingham (UK), is a new pharmaceutical services company specialising in oncology and women’s health.  Offering a range of cell-based assays, including efficacy and selectivity of activity against cancer cells; mechanistic and binding assays; and measurements of production of cell markers and hormones.  We have recently announced our service collaboration with Physiomics, which includes: advanced statistical analyses, machine learning techniques, data handling and visualization, as well as biological modelling.

In addition, we have recently acquired the assets of Imagen therapeutics, which includes a biobank of patient derived cells and data from Imagens in-house screening programme. This will allow us to provide more relevant cancer cell models for cell assay screening and enable the development of personalised cancer models.

Spun out from ValiRx PLC, which has a pipeline of oncology and women’s health assets, the Inaphaea team have a strong background of preclinical and clinical drug development, and of understanding both the commercial and scientific needs of the service users from both sides of the table.