Chief Executive Officer and Partner, Parsek

Janez Bensa has been managing fast-growing businesses in diverse IT-related industries. Born and educated in Slovenia, he acquired international business experience early in his career.

Janez joined Parsek in February 2009 and became a partner in 2011. His inspiration throughout the last two mandates has been dedicated to the creation of the fast-growing health care informatics pillar within the company. Other than introducing the new promising business domain, he led the company towards internationalisation by setting-up an international sales force and establishing strategic alliances in the region and overseas. He attracted all the most important organizations and individuals in the Industry. Some became Parsek’s clients, others key partners, key employees, consultants or Advisory board members.
Since joining Parsek, Janez has been constantly attracting, motivating, supervising and coaching Parsek’s middle-management team. Besides growing the new generation of leaders, he defined new company standards and culture which strives for excellence. He leads by example and excels in the ability to set up very clear roles and responsibilities for each team member.

Business development related to innovative business models and products within digital transformation, attraction of partner organizations with the aim of establishment of strategic alliances and motivating and coaching interdisciplinary talents and teams are the three fields of entrepreneurship Janez is most passionate about..


22 June 2021