Business Development, Harwell Campus

Born & schooled in the Scottish borders, John’s qualifications include a Student Apprenticeship with Leyland Truck & Bus, with an Engineering degree from Cambridge and later an MBA at Warwick. His automotive career moved through deep staff, central planning & marketing functions on into Sales & Marking Directorships in transmission systems (for buses, trains, boats and battle tanks), heavy and military trucks and fire engines. After automotive came “Flow Control,” running companies making highly engineered [including Cryogenic] valves, progressing into more corporate management, acquiring companies and building a North American division for a UK plc.

Back in England, after Buy-In to a small Cryogenics business in Oxfordshire, much of John’s time has been spent on the Harwell Campus, mainly focussed on Cryogenics, working with STFC, as a Trustee of the British Cryogenics Council and Member of the International Cryogenic Engineering Committee.

He recently joined the Business Development team at Harwell Campus, working with the Space, Energy & Life Science communities there, plus the STFC Food Network and the Quantum Community emerging around the National Quantum Computing Centre.


20 May 2021