Founder and Business Development, PetMedix

Jolyon undertook his PhD in Professor Allan Bradley’s laboratory at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. His research focused on building a transgenic mouse that expressed canine antibody genes, following the same blueprint developed in Prof Bradley’s lab that formed the basis of Kymab’s KymouseTM. Having successfully completed an early version of what has become PetMedix’s Ky9TM platform, Jolyon, Allan, and Dr Tom Weaver founded PetMedix.

Jolyon moved into a commercial role at PetMedix that includes raising venture capital, conducting and analysing market research, developing and applying corporate strategy, and external partnering. As the inventor on the patents covering PetMedix’s platform and author of the thesis that describes it, he is uniquely positioned to apply his technical knowledge of the science underpinning the company to its commercial advantage.

Previously Jolyon ran business development for Simprints, a social enterprise start-up, and worked in operations at Horizon Discovery. He was named Cambridge University Entrepreneurs Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017.


20 May 2021