Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney, J A Kemp LLP

Marc Wilkinson is a European and UK Patent Attorney with over 17 years’ experience representing clients in the biotechnology and life sciences sectors.  Prior to this, he worked for over 5 years as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Marc’s specialises in all areas of biotechnology and life sciences with a particular focus on genetics, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology.  Marc handles patent cases involving humanised and monoclonal antibodies, transgenic technologies, induced pluripotent stem cells, RNAi, genome manipulation and editing including CRISPR, gene therapy, nucleic acid microarrays, diagnostic assays, microfluidic devices, PCR assays and reagents, and medical devices. 

As well as providing patent validity, infringement and freedom-to-operate advice, he has extensive experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications.  He has been involved in numerous cases before the Opposition Divisions and the Technical Boards of Appeal at the European Patent Office, and he holds the UK Higher Courts Litigation Certificate.

17 May 2022
Leonardo Royal Hotel
London Tower Bridge