Medical Safety Lead, Ada Health GmbH

Dr Matthew Fenech, MD, PhD is Medical Safety Lead at Ada Health, a global digital health company making personalized health accessible for all. His main interest is in developing frameworks that ensure healthtech tools are safe, effective, and acceptable to patients and healthcare providers alike. Following 10 years at the sharp end of clinical academia, he worked in technology policy, where he was the lead author of a seminal Wellcome Trust report on ‘Ethical, Social, and Political Challenges of AI in Health’, wrote a chapter for the Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report on ‘Health 2040 – better health within reach’, and led the design of an NHSX-supported toolkit to accompany the Code of Conduct for data-driven technologies in health. He has also authored a number of peer-reviewed publications on the ethical and safety considerations of the application of AI in healthcare, as well as reports about the risks and opportunities of emerging technologies in low-/middle-income countries. He continues to contribute to guideline and standard development and acts as an advisor to organisations ranging from the World Economic Forum to the University of Oxford.


22 June 2021