PharmaTech Integrates 2023 Track 2


Focusing on new therapies and the technology developments required for them to realise their full potential

Welcome and Fireside Chat 1

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dave Tudor | Managing Director | Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI

Fireside Chat 1: Future Industry Challenges

– What are the future challenges facing the Pharma industry?
– What role will Digital Innovation play?

Speakers include:

Ian McCubbin | Chair | RoslinCT | Chair | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
Ian Rees | Regulatory Affairs Consultant | DI REES Ltd
David Littlejohn | Special Advisor to the Principal | University of Strathclyde

Interviewed by:

Maureen Wedderburn | Non Executive Chair, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre | CPI

Session 1: Oligo-new-cleotides

Addressing the unique analytical, manufacture and regulatory challenges for Oligonucleotides


Barrie Cassey | Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Technical Expert and Leader | CPI


Louis Diorazio | Senior Principal Scientist, New Modalities | AstraZeneca

Andrew Livingston | Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder | Exactmer

Wendy Cross | CMC Matrix Leader | GSK

Sam Whitmarsh | Director of Analytical Science and Digital Transformation | CatSci Ltd

Session 3: Towards digital transformation of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC): Academic and Industry Perspectives

Joint presentation with both Ivan Marziano and Alastair Florence.


Ivan Marziano | Industry Board Chair for CMAC | Research Fellow for Pfizer

Alastair Florence | Director, Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC) Research Hub | University of Strathclyde

Fireside Chat 2 and Closing Remarks

Fireside Chat 2: Transforming Drug Development

– Exploring Breakthrough Digital Technologies and System Thinking Approaches to Revolutionise Manufacturing and Supply

Speakers include:

Rebecca Vangenechten | Head Vertical Pharma Segment | Siemens

Chris Kopinski | Head of Strategy & Business Development HCLS/Manufacturing Industry Products | Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Paul Hardy | Client Executive Partner | Atos

Interviewed by:

Dave Tudor | Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Biologics & Quality | CPI