PharmaTech Integrates 2023 Track 3


Focusing on advances in manufacturing, formulation and drug delivery technologies

Welcome and Fireside Chat 1

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dave Tudor | Managing Director | Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI

Fireside Chat 1: Future Industry Challenges

– What are the future challenges facing the Pharma industry?
– What role will Digital Innovation play?

Speakers include:

Ian McCubbin | Chair | RoslinCT | Chair | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
Ian Rees | Regulatory Affairs Consultant | DI REES Ltd
David Littlejohn | Special Advisor to the Principal | University of Strathclyde

Interviewed by:

Maureen Wedderburn | Non Executive Chair, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre | CPI

Session 2: This is intense

The industry has a well established batch-based supply chain, often based around multipurpose plant. These offer product flexibility, and scale-up from development into manufacturing is well understood. However, scale-up often compromises the optimum process conditions, resulting in less resource efficient processes and increased cost. The “make to stock” business model these facilities dictate can adversely impact response to changes in demand. As governments seek to build resilience in the medicines supply chain post pandemic, and the industry seeks to reach net zero, the time may have come for more widespread uptake of process intensification. This panel will explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of these technologies.


Mark Talford | Deputy Challenge Director – Medicines Manufacturing Challenge | Innovate UK


Jon-Paul Sherlock | Head of Innovative Manufacturing Technology | AstraZeneca

Gareth Jenkins | Vice President, Science and Technology | Quotient Sciences

Dai Hayward MBE | Chief Executive Officer | Micropore

Chris Van Der Walle | Edinburgh Centre Director | Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult

Rolf Hemminga | Vice President Global Sales & Marketing Life Sciences | Emerson

Session 3: Manufacturing as a key to achieving Net Zero

Many companies have signed up to Net Zero. With a significant proportion of emissions associated with the design of medicines and processes – what does manufacturing need to deliver to achieve net zero and how can Manufacturing Technologies deliver a Sustainability future?

Unfortunately there is not a recording available for this session.


John Arthur | Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre | CPI


Cait Murray-Green | Chief Executive Officer | Strategic Scientific Consulting

Andy Brittan | Head of Technology Development & Digitalisation | Booth Welsh

Ray Black | Interim CEO | Net Zero Nation

Manish Gupta | Lead Decarbonization Architect | Atos

Session 4: Uncertainty is certain!

Managing manufacturing and supply chains for unpredictable demand. What’s the reality in delivering agility?



Andy Dwyer | Senior VP of CMC and Supply Chain | Summit Therapeutics


Nicholas Wigdahl | Established Product Strategy Group Lead | Roche Pharma Technical Services

Janet Fernihough | Director, R&D Consulting | Syneos Health

Iain Bomphray | Director of the Lightweight Manufacturing Centre | National Manufacturing Institute Scotland

Jim McGuire | Grand Challenge Lead | Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI

Fireside Chat 2 and Closing Remarks

Fireside Chat 2: Transforming Drug Development

– Exploring Breakthrough Digital Technologies and System Thinking Approaches to Revolutionise Manufacturing and Supply

Speakers include:

Rebecca Vangenechten | Head Vertical Pharma Segment | Siemens

Chris Kopinski | Head of Strategy & Business Development HCLS/Manufacturing Industry Products | Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Paul Hardy | Client Executive Partner | Atos

Interviewed by:

Dave Tudor | Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Biologics & Quality | CPI