Precisia is advancing Life Sciences using our unique capability for identifying risk-based medical need. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Life Sciences organisations and health systems globally, making a meaningful impact on healthcare outcomes at the intersection of innovation, technology and precision population health.

Our vision is to deepen life sciences’ understanding of real unmet need and the drivers of variation, with and for local health systems.

We help organisations develop solutions that support diverse population needs, enabling the transformation of product development and increasing uptake of innovation to improve patients’ lives.

Powered by the award-winning, globally unique C2-Ai clinical risk-adjustment platform, Precisia insights provide unparalleled perspectives on individual patients and population groups, allowing:
• identification of unmet health needs
• addressing health inequity, and
• informing research and product development – more rapidly identifying targets and bringing together relevant cohorts for clinical trial participation.

With a strong heritage in the NHS and a healthcare footprint that spans the globe, Precisia Life Sciences is uniquely positioned to facilitate global collaborations that yield local impact. Our collaborations are built on the foundation of our Precisia Analytics, powered by C2-Ai,
ensuring that we stay true to our commitment to delivering precision at scale.