Chief Executive Officer, Keratify

Ros is the CEO of Keratify, which she founded in December 2018 to advance pre-clinical human skin testing. Keratify won an Innovate UK Smart grant to transform in vitro skin testing methods for the skincare and pharmaceutical industry. Standard and commercial (ex vivo or 3D) skin culture methods are unable to replicate complete skin barrier function and physiology. Ros and the Keratify team have circumvented the limitations of standard methods to provide an innovative system capable of reliably maintaining ex vivo skin for more than five days. They are striving to create accurate human-equivalent models to support the development of safer, more effective dermatology therapeutics. In addition to starting Keratify, Ros was awarded her PhD from the Queen Mary University of London in Dermatoendocrinology in 2009 and has successfully written and won multiple research awards including from the British Skin Foundation, MedCity, MedTech SuperConnector, BBSRC and QMUL Life Sciences Initiative totalling over £2m in during her postdoctoral career.


16 November 2020