Founder, Lacuna Advisors

Dr. Shannon Shibata-Germanos founder of Lacuna Advisors, is an angel investor, advisor and consultant. As an investor, her thematic areas of interest are health-tech, biotech, med-tech, neuro/AI interface and personalized medicine. With two decades of experience in political policy analysis, conflict management, and institutional development in the Middle East, she has worked as an international consultant for foundations and multinational companies, structuring private-public partnerships and sustainability strategies, as well as facilitating cross-border business deals in developing markets.
Dr. Shibata-Germanos has advised heads of state, royal families and CEOs in complex policy and business development as well as negotiations. One of her areas of special focus is global public health, especially building unique partnership ecosystems (including policy makers and government agencies) around commercial startups with unique medical technologies that have the capacity to make quality healthcare more accessible and equitable.
Along with her professional responsibilities, Dr. Shibata-Germanos also remains a visiting Dementia researcher at University College London, and sits on the International Advisory Group of the UNAIDS Health Innovation Exchange. She is an effective public speaker, having addressed international audiences including world governments, academic conferences and large-scale public events. She holds a BSc in Psychology, and an MSc + PhD in Neuroscience from University College London.


15 October 2020