Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Miotify

Sheena is an entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience specialising in digital health. She founded and is CEO of MIOTIFY Limited, a start-up venture offering a web-based platform that enables the configuration of algorithmic logic to transform input data into formats suitable to a inform clinical decision combined with design control automation to aid compliance.

Before founding MIOTIFY, she was Vodafone’s Global Business Development Manager – M2M mHealth Solutions, responsible for setting Vodafone’s global strategy for health and strategic engagements with healthcare customers.

Sheena managed AstraZeneca’s multi-country deployment of their respiratory software as a medical device app with a connected inhaler. She has coordinated the sales, contracting, design and implementation and on-going management for a range of digital health solutions, from simple SMS based public health campaigns to patient support software classified as a medical device.

Working with large Pharma companies and NHS customers she has worked across Public Health campaigns that included childhood immunisation, breast screening, smoking cessation, influenza and therapeutic areas including Respiratory, Cardiovascular disease, Peritoneal Dialysis, Immunotherapy, HIV and Epilepsy.


22 June 2021