Ajith Kumar Perakathu Somasekharan

Founder & CEO , Intelligent Assist

With professionalism, dynamism, and high ethical values he has been successfully led different companies and projects in USA, UK, EU, Australia, India, and Middle East, though some of them are most challenging and enabled it to emerge stronger each time when challenges occur. His 3 major projects acquired by Fortune Companies. His global outlook has seen the Company and it expand its horizons beyond domestic boundaries and position itself to become a global player with the project.

20+ Years’ experience in Leadership, Innovation and solving real-life problems he executed global partnerships and different ventures across the globe.

With his continues drive, effort and professionalism involved into product design of quality improvement system for radiology department for Unites states hospitals with Kyle Lawton, with his passion and continues drive finally the whole team worked together and the project got acquired by one the pioneer in the Healthcare (A Fortune Company) head quartered in Atlanta.

Intelligent Assist is his new startup and working with group of clinicians, scientist, and technologists to bring biological aged focus patient health status management system over the implementation of electronic health record system. His invention is a revolutionary for entire eco system of EHR including hospital and clinics. His intention is to improve primary health care problems with the IA Science and technology. IA science and Technology built for EHR companies to model the patient data with IA Viewer to see past and future for patient data and bring early intervention and prevention of diseases.

Prior to Intelligent Assist, he was heading Director of product development and operations of Exalt group of companies. With his experience and expertise, he made millionaires in different countries by product innovation and services, brought extreme growth to the clients, and involved into majorly 3 acquisitions with fortune companies.


21 September 2023, GLASGOW