Alessia Errico

Associate Director Search & Evaluation and Entrepreneurial Programmes Lead, Cancer Research Horizons

Alessia Errico, PhD MBA is a technology transfer professional, specialised in the field of oncology. She is the Associate Director for Search & Evaluation at Cancer Research Horizons, the innovation engine of Cancer Research UK (CRUK), the world larger charitable funder of cancer research, with an annual research expenditure of in excess of 300m and a successful track record of translating basic research into patient benefit having contributed to 11 marketed drugs. Within her role, she leads a team responsible for sourcing of new opportunities arising from CRUK funded science, in the UK and internationally, that have the potential of translating to the clinic. Specifically, the Search & Evaluation team is responsible for IP protection, industry collaboration and propositions for spin-out formation. At Cancer Research Horizons, she has also defined the strategy and co-lead the foundation of its Entrepreneurship Programme, aimed at promoting an entrepreneurial culture within the academic sector. This programme consists of educational innovation summits and workshops, mentorship programme dedicated to support researchers with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, partnership with business accelerators and opportunity to take part in customer discovery programme to support early stage ideas.

Alessia has trained as a scientist. She has Master degree in Biochemistry, a PhD in human genetics and has 14 years of research experience across different fields, from genetic disease to cancer biology. She has been an editor for Nature Review Clinical Oncology and has been responsible for research funding at CRUK, looking after CRUK Institute portfolio and the charity accelerator award scheme. A keen interest in business management and entrepreneurialism and innovation applied to healthcare led her to obtain an MBA with a healthcare specialism at Warwick Business School.

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

30 November 2023