Antonio Payano

Chief Executive Officer for Bayer UK & Ireland, Country Division Head for Pharmaceuticals UK & Ireland

Antonio has been Chief Executive Officer for Bayer UK & Ireland since September 2021. In this time, he has been elected as co-Vice-Chair of the European Medicines Group.

Antonio has had a succession of local, regional and global roles with Bayer over the past 25 years. Before coming to the UK, he was Head of Region Eastern Europe/Middle East and Head of Global Healthcare Programs where he had a lead role in negotiations for PhRMA

Middle East and Africa in several countries throughout the region and led cross-industry delegations with governments and non-profit foundations in lower-middle-income countries. He also has in-depth experience of working collaboratively as part in-country trade associations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Bayer’s portfolio and future pipeline extends across primary and secondary care, including specialised commissioning products, so Antonio is well attuned to many of the issues faced by others along the development, access and adoption pathway

Away from work, Antonio lives in London and is married with two daughters.

The Mermaid, London

16 November 2023