Joep Hufman

Country Medical Director UK & Ireland , Bayer Pharma

After having worked as an emergency physician, Joep joined Bayer 12 years ago. He started his career as a Medical Science Liaison, gained product management experience as Senior Product Manager and moved back to medical as the Country Medical Director in the Netherlands. Between that and his current role, he was the Medical Lead for the Bayer-CureVac collaboration in 2021 for the launch of a COVID vaccine and was Director of Medical Affairs in the UK. Currently, Joep is Medical Director for the UK & Ireland for Bayer’s Pharma division. He leads the medical departments and oversees clinical trials, Medical Governance, and various therapy area’s including Oncology, cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Woman’s Health and Radiology.

The Mermaid, London

16 November 2023