Nick Stephens

Executive Chairman, The RSA Group

Nick Stephens is Executive Chairman of The RSA Group has pioneered their unique Data-Driven Due Diligence® methodology which minimises risk and maximises upside when building and developing Boards and executive leadership teams. For four decades he and his team at RSA have helped to build hundreds of companies that have brought new therapies to patients everywhere. His daily conversations with industry leaders across the world have brought him unique insights into what works where and, perhaps more importantly what will add risk. He believes that with the right people in place, patients will have quicker access to better medicines.

Nick is a law graduate with broad commercial experience in various roles spanning metals trading, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and the British National Health Service.
He has been a Director of The RSA Group since 1986, joined the business full-time in 1995 and took it over in 2000.

Nick also serves as Chairman of Neuro-Bio, an Oxford-based Alzheimer’s Biotech, as an Independent Director of Utah-based Soft Cell Biological Research and a Non-Executive Director of; GrowPura – an advanced AgriTech business, of ICE ICT an IT business specialising in Healthcare and the Cruise & Travel Industries and of an investment company focusing on cannabinoid and Internet-of-Things investments.