Niels Lund

Vice President, Climate Change & Health, Novo Nordisk

Niels Lund is Vice President at Novo Nordisk with global responsibility for climate change and health, including Novo Nordisk’ engagement in the Sustainable Markets Initiative Health Systems Taskforce. Until recently, he was responsible for the company’s partnership within prevention and health promotion, including the Cities Changing Diabetes partnership network ( and the global partnership with UNICEF on the prevention of childhood obesity.

Niels has a master’s in economics from the University of Copenhagen and an MBA from George Washington University, Washington DC. He started in Novo Nordisk in 2007 as health economist and became Vice President in 2012. Before joining Novo Nordisk, he worked in UNICEF India, the Danish Youth Council, and the World Bank in Washington DC. In 2022-23, Niels was a policy fellow at the Crown Princess Mary Center at the University of Copenhagen focusing on the private sector’s role in intersection of climate change and health.

Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul's

28 February 2024