Steve Gardner

Chief Executive Officer, PrecisionLife Ltd

Steve has over 30 years’ experience building world-class teams, products and companies in precision medicine, drug discovery and tech bio. He has raised venture funding in the UK, EU and USA to develop and market highly innovative and commercially successful products in the life science, healthcare and agri-tech industries.

Steve was Global Director of Research Informatics for Astra. He specialises in AI enabled drug discovery and precision medicine, semantic data integration and complex data analytics for life science, healthcare and clinical decision support. He has developed world-leading genomics, digital health, and informatics technologies including several patented inventions. He was heavily involved in developing some of the core informatics systems used by major genomics companies during the initial Human Genome project and has worked extensively with major pharma companies on over 25 drug discovery and safety projects.

He has also invented novel hygiene and anti-microbial solutions that lower energy and water usage, improve food safety and combat microbial resistance across the agri-food supply chain.

Steve is an Editorial Board member for AI in the Life Sciences and is on the Steering Committee of the UKCRC Tissue Directory & Coordination Centre.