Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Kalium Health

Tom Collings is the CEO and co-founder of Kalium Health, a company working to improve the lives of millions of heart and kidney patients with personalised blood electrolyte monitoring. The company’s first product is a test for blood potassium concentration with hospital-grade accuracy, suitable for use by anyone, anywhere, with a digital data platform for health analytics and remote treatment monitoring.

Tom is responsible for setting the company’s overall strategy, overseeing operational activities and developing commercial opportunities. He recently led the raising of around £1m of investment finance.

Prior to founding Kalium Health, Tom managed large, complex medical device development programmes on behalf of large multi-nationals and exciting high-growth startups as part of Cambridge Consultants.

Tom was awarded the qualification of Master of Engineering from Bristol University and has provided advice and mentorship to early-stage medical technology entrepreneurs


15 October 2020