Cybersecurity is Critical: Pulling Up the Digital Drawbridge

  • Advances in medical device and IVD technology have provided great patient outcomes, but also rising instances of tampering & counterfeiting, cyberattacks & ransomware, supply shortages and technical issues. What practical steps can be taken by manufacturers to protect patients?
  • What actions are global regulators taking to prevent adverse events associated with cyber risks, while also facilitating patient access to life-changing innovations?
  • Why is it so critical that medical device and IVD cybersecurity regulations be harmonized across the globe?
  • How can manufacturers and regulators best communicate cyber risks to patient populations, educating them about the risks and proactive steps they can take to mitigate these risks?


HEATHER HOWELL | Global Vice President, Health Sciences (Acting) | NSF


SARAH MOORE | Director of Med Device/IVD Consulting | NSF
AFTIN ROSS | Senior Special Advisor for Emerging Initiatives – Center for Devices and Radiological Health | US Food and Drug Administration
SAMANTHA JACQUES | Vice President, McLaren Clinical Engineering Services (MCES) | McLaren Health Care
CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER | Senior Cybersecurity Architect | Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health