Advanced Therapies Integrates 2023: On Demand Videos



Exploring the challenges in the journey to widespread adoption of ATMPs, from efficient manufacturing to streamlined NHS implementation.


Welcome and Fireside Chat

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Sally Ann Forsyth OBE | Chief Executive Officer | Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

Fireside Chat 1: Getting C&GT to the people who need them

With rapid innovations in the cell and gene therapy arena, how do we integrate breakthrough treatments into routine practice to ensure seamless access for the people living with potentially treatable conditions? How will improved access benefit both people receiving treatments and the wider community?

Speakers Include:

Samantha Barber | Chief Executive | Gene People

Neil Watson | Co-Director | Northern Alliance Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre

Interviewed By:

Nicola Redfern | Consultant | NJ Redfern Ltd

Fireside Chat 2: The Future of the ATMP CDMO Market: Challenges and Opportunities

In this interview, we explore the current and future trends of the advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing) market. We discuss the impact of COVID-19, the basis of competition, the drivers of cost reduction, and the best practices for developing ATMPs at scale.

Speakers Include:

Robert Panting | General Manager ATMP | Rentschler Biopharma

Interviewed By:

Matthew Durdy | Chief Executive Officer | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Session 1

The right place at the right time

Manufacturing ATMPs requires advanced skills and expensive equipment. Does the UK system of science parks and innovation hubs support access to facilities and expertise?


Sally Ann Forsyth OBE | Chief Executive Officer | Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst


Katy Newton | Senior Vice President immunology and Process Development | Achilles Therapeutics

Ketki Vispute | Associate Director, CAR-T manufacturing and Operations | Autolus

Ellie Junod | Investment Manager, Life Sciences | UBS

Philip Probert | Biologics Technology Lead | CPI

Tom Pike | Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Strategic Director | Stevenage Borough Council

Session 2

Can we make them cheaper?

Advanced Therapies offer huge benefits, but often at a huge price tag. How can we improve standardisation and reduce the costs of manufacturing?


Stephen Blatcher | Head of MedTech | Team Consulting


Gaurav Venkataraman | Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer | Trisk Bio

Terri Gaskell | Chief Technical Officer | Rinri Therapeutics Ltd

Michael Baker | Senior Director, Viral Gene Therapy | FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

Antoine Espinet | Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer | MicrofluidX

James Rutley | Head of our Business Development | Autolomous

Session 3


You’re the Cell to my Gene

The right partner can help you ensure ATMP quality & safety and overcome financial & regulatory hurdles. How do you find the right cell & gene outsourcing partner, and how do you ensure this partnership is productive to both parties?


James Fry | Partner and Head of Life Sciences | Mills & Reeve


Kella Kapnisi | Project Manager, Senior Consultant | Team Consulting

Aimee Tyler | Clinical Account Manager | Miltenyi Biotec

Mark Cunningham | Head of Operations | NATA – Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator

Joe Healey | Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder | NanoSyrinx

Session 4


Not so rare after all

The first success of ATMPs has been seen in rare and complex diseases, but they have potential to go much further. How far and how fast can Advanced Therapies transition into more mainstream indications?


William Scott | Scientific Director, Transplant Regenerative Medicine | Newcastle University Medical School


Dominic Schmidt | General Partner | Advent Life Sciences

Stefanos Theoharis | Chief Business Officer | Kiji Therapeutics

Steve Kappenthuler | Chief Business Officer and Co-founder | Muvon Therapeutics

Simon Chandler | Chief Executive Officer | Rinri Therapeutics

Fotios Sampaziotis | Group Leader | University of Cambridge

Session 5

I got skills, they’re multiplying

Between 2021 and 2026, the UK advanced therapy and bioprocessing workforce is predicted to increase by over 100%. How can the industry and government work together to attract and retain the skills to support this growth?


Ian Parnham | Skills Programme Lead | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult


Bakul Gupta | Co-Founder | Deliver Biosciences

Dharmesh Vara | EMEA Field Application Specialist Leader | Cytiva

Rebecca Street | Head of Digital Operations | RoslinCT

James Kusena | Vice President of Operations | MicrofluidX

Anji Miller | Programme Director Translational Fellowships Skills Lead, Innovation hubs for Gene Therapies Senior Business Manager, LifeArc | LifeArc

Alessia Errico | Associate Director Search & Evaluation and Entrepreneurial Programmes Lead | Cancer Research Horizons