Fuelling the genetic medicine revolution

Nucleic acid (mRNA and DNA) vaccines aren’t necessarily new, but recent outcomes during the COVID pandemic are stimulating a renaissance in the wider biopharmaceutical industry as drug manufacturers turn their attention to issues such as speed-to-market, faster scale-up and, of course, safety. For commercial success, however, key challenges such as long lead times and high capital costs need to be overcome. Novel technologies such as synthetic vectors are not only able to target genes with a size and complexity that current technologies can’t, they may also offer solutions to current capacity and supply chain constraints. So, are the days of fermentation over? Is this a new era of global-scale mass production for cold-chain-free gene therapies and, perhaps most importantly from a regulatory standpoint, are these advanced therapeutics biological anymore?


JONATHAN APPLEBY | Chief Scientific Officer | Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult


HELEN HORTON | Chief Research Officer |  Touchlight
KEITH WILLIAMS| Co-founder Managing Director | Phenotypeca
JOSHUA BLIGHT | Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder |  Baseimmune
KARIN SCHMITT | Chief Business Officer | Mogrify
BAKUL GUPTA | Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder | ImmTune Therapies