Bio Integrates 2022 Track 1


How do we assemble and accelerate our teams for success?

Welcome and opening remarks

MARTINO PICARDO | Chairman | Discovery Park

We are sorry that we had a few technical issues at the start of the day, so we only have the audio file of Martino’s opening remarks

A fireside chat with Andreas Wallnoefer

An interview with: ANDREAS WALLNOEFER | Partner & Investor | Jeito Capital
Interviewed by: MARTINO PICARDO | Chairman | Discovery Park

A fireside chat with Ruth McKernan CBE

An Interview with: Dr RUTH McKERNAN CBE | Neuroscientist, businesswoman and innovation leader
Interviewed by: TREVOR JONES CBE | Chairman and Board Member | e-Therapeutics, Respiratory Innovation Wales and Ascension Healthcare

Living on the edge

With tech and biotech converging, how can we innovate and collaborate across the sector edges? Does innovation have to come from within, or can it come from CDMOs?


JANE DANCER | Independent Consultant


AYOKUNMI AJETUNMOBI | Leader Venture Development Activities | We are Pioneer Group
MIKE FRODSHAM | Chief Technical Officer | QuayPharma
VICKY STEADMAN | Vice President, Business Development and Integrated Partnerships’ | Sai Life Sciences
NEIL TORBETT | Chief Executive Officer | PhoreMost
MARTIN-IMMANUEL BITTNER | Chief Executive Officer | Arctoris
NATHALIE HUTHER | VP Business Development | Nanoform

The C word

The culture within an organisation can be its success or downfall. How do we build management teams and leadership structures to create an inspiring company culture?


KATHRYN SIMPSON | Business Consultant | Kathryn Simpson Consulting Limited


JONATHAN BETTS | Director of Business Development | CCDC
DIANNE LEE | Managing Director | DLRC Ltd
JACKIE MACRITCHIE | Senior Managing Director | Charles River Laboratories
SARA VANDENBERGHE | Head of Culture and Change | LifeArc


Girls just wanna have fun(ds)

Less than 5% of investment goes to female-led businesses. What are we doing to address the gender investment gap? How can we apply this across other under-represented groups?


JO PISANI | Strategic Advisor, Non Executive Director and Charity Trustee | The RSA Group


TESSA PUGH | Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder | PharmaReview
CLAIRE THOMPSON | Chief Executive Officer | Agility Life Sciences
SUZANNE DILLY | Chief Executive Officer | ValiRx PLC
ALISON WILSON | Chief Client Officer | BioPhorum
KATE ROWLEY | Venture Partner | Global Bio Fund

Closing Remarks

MARTINO PICARDO | Chairman | Discovery Park