Pharma Sustainability Integrates 2022

Welcome and opening remarks

ALIX MACKAY MRSC | Director | The Life Sciences Marketing Academy

Policy – Learning from COP26

The COP26 conference united the world to tackle climate change. How can life sciences take the learnings from COP26 forward for the sector?

In our opening session, speakers will set out where we are on tackling climate change from a Government, pharmaceutical industry and academic perspective. They will also look at progress so far, where we want to get to, what still needs to be addressed, and how we can solve these issues.

SIR JIM McDONALD | Principal and Vice-Chancellor | University of Strathclyde

PINDER SAHOTA | General Manager and Corporate Vice President, United Kingdom | Novo Nordisk

GEORGE FREEMAN MP | Minister for Science, Research and Innovation

Decarbonising Pharma supply chains

COP26 identified a requirement for a serious step change in commitment to decarbonisation. Supply chains will come under increasing environmental scrutiny driven by regulation, investors and market demand. This poses a number of challenges and opportunities to the Pharma & Life Sciences sector.

Presented by PwC

Industry Ambition Roundtable

Sustainability in practice – How is the pharmaceutical industry answering sustainability challenges.

This session will be a ‘deeper dive’ into the sustainability challenge for the pharmaceutical industry, looking at areas like measurement of progress, how to tackle waste and greener chemistry. Input from leading pharmaceutical organisations followed by a panel Q and A.


STEVE HOARE | Quality, Regulatory Science & Safety Policy Director | Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry


JULIETTE WHITE | Vice President, Global SHE & Operations Sustainability | AstraZeneca
BRIAN HENRY | Vice President, Global Head of Drug Product Design | Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development
CLAIRE LUND | Global Vice President, Sustainability | GSK
JARLE RUD | Supply Chain Project Manager | Novo Nordisk

Carbon Footprint Showcase: the power of collaboration to deliver sustainable healthcare

  • The presentation will outline how the Sustainable Healthcare Coalition, a partnership of leading companies and public sector agencies, addresses some of the most pressing sustainability issues in global healthcare by measuring impact.
  • Case studies will demonstrate how healthcare sector industry partners can help the NHS and other healthcare systems achieve NetZero and bring together clinicians and industry to meet the challenges of improving sustainability through innovation.

Dr FIONA ADSHEAD | Chair | Sustainable Healthcare Coalition


Supply Chain Showcase: The Sustainable Medicines Partnership

A presentation on the challenges and opportunities sustainability offers the Pharma supply chain

  • Every year, billions of effective medicines are discarded unused, or are lost due to packaging or supply chain failures, at huge environmental and financial cost.
  • To reduce this avoidable waste, YewMaker set-up the Sustainable Medicines Partnership, a multi-stakeholder partnership executing priority actions to make medicines more sustainable and equitable.
  • In this presentation you will hear about the Pillars of Sustainable Medicines, the SMP Projects and priorities, and how you can get involved.

NAZNEEN RAHMAN CBE | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | YewMaker

Pharma Supply Chain Roundtable

The net zero agenda requires action from all organisations to enable the necessary but challenging targets arising from COP26 to be met. This roundtable will explore the steps being taken across the pharma supply chain to support large pharma companies and healthcare systems to achieve their net zero commitments and discuss opportunities for collaboration to accelerate resource efficiency in the supply chain.


MARK TALFORD | Deputy Challenge Director | Medicines Manufacturing


WOUTER BIESEMANS | Vice President Compliance | Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services
ADRIAN LA PORTA | Technical Director and Process Technology Lead | Bryden Wood
ALEXANDRA HAMMOND | Head of Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain | NHSEI
CLAIRE FOREMAN | Director of Medicines Policy & Strategy | NHS England

Manufacturing showcase

​Achieving sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The pharmaceutical sector produces around one thousand times more hazardous waste per kg of product than that oil refining, most of this is solvent which is used once and incinerated, it is also a significant consumer of water and energy.

Avenues open to address this include:

Increasing API potency in drug discovery / candidate selection reduces the mass to be manufactured so consuming less resources.
Replacing large scale batch processing capability with low utilisation, with agile and compact continuous process equipment significantly reduces manufacturing footprint and energy consumption, this also increases manufacturing flexibility.
Focusing on minimisation of solvent use by smart solvent selection in process design, by telescoping multiple stages in a single solvent and by application of in process solvent recycling.

CHRIS PRICE | Professor of Industrial Crystallization and Isolation | University of Strathclyde

Manufacturing showcase: a presentation on oligonucleotides

Currently, oligonucleotides are expensive to produce and their utility is limited by inefficiencies inherent in the manufacturing process and the finite quantity of some raw ingredients. Grand Challenge 3 at the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation – a collaboration between CPI, industry, academia and government – aims to revolutionise the oligonucleotide manufacturing process through the development of scalable, liquid phase API processes which will enable oligonucleotides to be manufactured on an industrial scale, more efficiently and at lower cost. By delivering this Grand Challenge, we will enable the industry to provide oligonucleotide therapeutics to much larger patient populations at affordable prices and in a sustainable way.

JOHN ARTHUR | Director | Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre

How CPI supports the pharma industry to be more sustainable

In our penultimate session, Frank Millar, CEO of CPI, a deep tech innovation centre, will share his thoughts on what we should be focusing on to ensure that the pharma industry remains grounded in sustainable practises moving forward.

Frank will also discuss collaboration and its role in overcoming major industry hurdles.

FRANK MILLAR | Chief Executive | CPI


A Scottish Government perspective on how the Scottish Life Sciences sector is supporting sustainable healthcare.

IVAN McKEE | Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise