PharmaTech Integrates 2020 Track 3


Welcome and opening remarks

DAVE TUDOR, Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI

Digging into Data

Contextualising data and modelling to deliver real time decision making and faster problem solving. Using this to translate into efficiency and momentum into your business.


SCOTT LAWSON | Partner | PwC


ALISON NORDON | Reader, Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry | University of Strathclyde
LAURENCE DUPRAS | Head of Supply Chain Technology | GSK Consumer Healthcare
DAVE BERRY | Grand Challenge Lead | Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre
LOUISE WRIGHT | Head of Science for Data Science | National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Nanoformers, Particles in Disguise! – Illuminating the future of Pharma with STARMAP®

​Our STARMAP® 2.0 platform leverages cutting-edge sparse-data AI to pick winners among candidate molecules that are predicted to be best amenable to CESS®-powered nanoforming and that exhibit optimal production characteristics.

STARMAP® is a digital version of our CESS® technology that allows us to perform in silico experiments in large quantities and to create predictions of nanoformability. This is important since there are more potential drug molecules than particles in the known universe.

Our game-changing CESS® technology lies at the heart of our operations and offers a unique opportunity to both bring failed assets back to life again and accelerate APIs to the clinic. The STARMAP® platform can have wide applicability in drug discovery and development as well as in lifecycle management for existing marketed drugs and 505b2 like product development strategies.


DR ELISABETTA MICELOTTA | Science & Technology Team Leader | Nanoform

Nanotechnology for delivery of nucleic acid payloads

A market snapshot:

  • bottom up technology comparisons
  • equipment trains
  • liposomes & LNPs


ANDREA CUSACK | Chief Executive Officer | Leon-nanodrugs

Supply Chain – Pain Relief

Deploying digital and data-driven approaches that enable demand-led pharmaceutical supply, delivering better patient supplies and productivity gains.


DAVE TUDOR | Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre | CPI


ALEX ROBERTSON | Senior Director, Global Clinical Supply Chain | AstraZeneca
ANTHONY DAY | Blockchain Partner, Global Business Services | IBM
IAN ALLAN | Managing Director | Digital Technologies Group
ROB INNES | Co-founder and Head of Life Sciences | Wyoming Interactive​
JOHN ARTHUR | Director |Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre
ANDREW MATTHEWS | Head of Pharma & Life Sciences  | Siemens

Unravelling the thread: A whole new way to find and use deviation management information hidden in unstructured data

Unravelling threads and finding patterns in data to understand quality deviations is a key fundamental in manufacturing productivity. Yet here’s a surprising fact: only 3% of the data associated with quality deviations is held in structured databases. That means 97% is hidden in your organisation’s unstructured data and can’t be found. Finding the information and linking the reasons for deviations is hard because there’s no way to discover what’s in unstructured data at scale and in detail.

Until now! Join Life Sciences technology veteran, John Harris, at this session to hear about how exciting tech startup Exonar is solving the problem of discovering and revealing what’s in an organisation’s structured and unstructured data estate at petabyte scale to increase data management and manufacturing efficiencies and drive business value.


JOHN HARRIS | Life Sciences Advisor |  Exonar
TOM OWENS | Services Expert | Exonar

Advancing the digital maturity of pharma: from process development to manufacturing
How data delivers for pharma innovation

Listen in to the discussion between process development and commercial owners on how data can be uncovered, shared and applied to respond to the volatile needs for new products and market demands. From R&D to scale-up into full production, how do modeling, ML, predictive maintenance, inspection and smart scheduling work together to deliver quantifiable progress.


DARREN WHITAKER | Senior Engineering Consultant
LUCAS VANN | Chief Technical Officer, APG Pharma Global Solutions
STAVROS TARAVIRAS |Strategic Business Development Manager, APG Pharma Solutions

Super Simulations

Accelerating drug development through increased adoption of digital tools and applications. Introducing data twinning and digital twins into the drug development cycle: accelerating drugs to market, delivering for patients and the sector.


ROSS MACRAE | Senior Director, Drug Product Manufacturing | Pfizer


SEAN BERMINGHAM | Head of Formulated Products | Process Systems Enterprise
GAVIN REYNOLDS | Principal Scientist, Process Engineering | AstraZeneca
DAVID SELE | Offering Manager | Atos
SIMEONE ZOMER| Scientific Director – Process Analytics | GSK
JOHN MACK |Head of the Perceptive Engineering | Applied Materials

How do we align with the Regulators for new technology approvals and do it faster?

An interview with: IAN REES, Manager for the Inspectorate Strategy and Innovation Unit, MHRA
Interviewed by: CLIVE BADMAN, Executive Director, University of Strathclyde

Is your organisation ready for the technology revolution?

An interview with: SIR JIM McDONALD, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Strathclyde
Interviewed by: TAMSIN BERRY, Director, PHP

What are the game changing technologies and approaches that can transform the carbon footprint from Pharma manufacturing?

An interview with: JULIETTE WHITE, Vice President – Global SHE and Sustainability, AstraZeneca
Interviewed by: ROUDIE SHAFIE, Director, OVID Health

Closing Remarks

DAVE TUDOR, Managing Director, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, CPI